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Every thought and action creates energy, positive or negative. Pema Chodrin, an American Buddhist nun has a good definition of karma.  Her writings teach Buddhism for daily life for ordinary people.  From Comfortable with Uncertainty, 

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“karma is basically what happens in your life is somehow a result of things that you have done before. That’s why you are encouraged to work with what happens to you rather than blame it on others. This kind of teaching can be easily misunderstood. People get into a heavy-duty sin and guilt trip. They feel that if things are going wrong, it means they did something bad and they’re being punished. That’s not it at all. The idea of karma is that you continually get the teachings you need in order to open your heart. To the degree that you didn’t understand in the past how to stop protecting your soft spot, how to stop armoring your heart, now you’re given this gift of teachings in the form of life. Your life gives you everything you need to learn how to open further.”

Do you believe that your actions, intention and attitude directly impact the quality of your life? What about your job? As a marketer I decided I while ago to do my best to create good karma with all that I have.


Living in Nairobi, the daily challenges of traffic, insanely mad drivers, corruption everywhere, abyssmal service and people who try but somehow just don’t get it made it really difficult to stay calm.

I feel positive energy and connection when i’m doing something that maybe just maybe I make a positive difference. The synchronistic events and non-coincidences that happen become more profound when I’m plugged in and present to the positive. Karma means we attract exactly the right people and circumstances that nudge our heart and learn what we’re supposed to learn.

Practicing yoga for umpteen years encourages good karma. I bring my questions and challenges to the mat. As I move and breathe my body into a posture, I lighten up. I get centered. Answers to puzzling questions drop down. ahhhhhhhh.

namasteWhen irritated, disappointed, or frustrated, instead of going on a self-righteous spree, if i remember to breathe,center myself  and respond in a way that honors myself and that person; I change.   When I am irritated, I ask myself “how would the person I want to be respond in this situation?”  I get out of myself and give the person a break. I breathe and think about how grateful I am for my life and remember that I can change my view of everything in an instant.

When you are open, the right lessons and teachers show up. Seek to find out what is in your own heart and soul.  You will be guided on an incredible adventure towards something way bigger than yourself. Be prepared for a wild ride. Let me know how it goes. Namaste.


Cindy Kerr

Author Cindy Kerr

Cindy is a senior marketing & communications specialist. She spent eight years in Africa leading marketing for social enterprises SunnyMoney & SolarAid, KickStart International, Nova Academies and Bridge International Academies. After a career in advertising, she started ckarma marketing to deliver unique web and print communications that drive results for companies and causes making a positive difference. She leads branding, websites and customer engagement.

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