Nova Pioneer launched a private secondary highschool in Kenya with the mission to equip young people as leaders and innovators.  The model focuses on STEM and  “growth mindset” (Watch TED talk Carol Dweck author of best seller Mindset) cultivating skills such as critical thinking and confidence delivered in a learner centered vs.teacher driven approach.

The Challenge

The team had seven months to create a world-class education brand, generate leads, convince parents and educators to join, develop the admissions funnel and enroll a full cohort of 120 young men in the first class.

The Work

  • Craft a brand identity that reflects the unique learning approach
  • Identify prospective parents, students and fill the first class of 120 young men
  • Lead and develop a customer experience and engagement strategy that drives applications
  • Build a tight enrollment funnel that takes parents through a compelling journey
  • Organizing events for prospective parents and students to experience the model first hand
  • Gain the trust of teachers and educators across Kenya to recommend Nova Pioneer to parents
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The Results

  • Exceeded expectations and goals by driving marketing initiatives that had 100% enrollment with a waiting list
  • Defined and executed a marketing and enrollment strategy that developed deep relationships with educators, parents and students
  • Architected a customer experience that resonated with the hopes and dreams of Kenyan parents so much they were willing to trust a new and unproven concept
  • Established awareness of a new education brand gaining national attention from educators, parents and students
  • View major media coverage on TV, radio, print and online that drove new admissions