KickStart International has lifted more than a million Africans out of poverty quickly, cost-effectively and sustainably. Over 70% of the population of Africa relies on subsistence farming growing meager crops, barely enough to survive. With a MoneyMaker Irrigation Pump, a farmer grows crops continuously and turns their farm into a profitable business. Research proves that income increases 1000%, lifting an entire family out of poverty.

The Challenge

  • Sales of pumps and products were well below expectations
  • Marketing dollars were being spent on tactics that were not increasing sales
  • Marketing efforts were not scalable with different brands in five countries
  • Point of Sale displays lost in cluttered shops and not generating trial
  • Advertising was not driving demand or product trial
  • Donor communications were inconsistent

The Work

From 2007 to 2009 ckarma worked with KickStart in Kenya and USA to:

  • Develop global marketing and product sales strategy
  • Launch global campaign “Farming is my Business” and implement for in African cultures and languages
  • Drive sales in all countries without big budgets
  • Create point of sale promotions and merchandising to stand out and withstand extreme conditions
  • Increase awareness in US and Africa
  • Improve donor engagement

The Results

  • The campaign and promotions generated over 600% sales increases and achieved the highest ever sales
  • Kenya sales reached an all time high in 2008 after post election violence had torn apart the nation
  • Annual impacts accelerated as farmers started seeing themselves as successful business people who make money and provide for their families
  • Improved donor communications with clear messaging helped attract new funding sources
  • Global branding is in place throughout the organization

“ckarma’s work transformed MoneyMaker into a global brand that expanded awareness and increased impacts dramatically. The success in marketing raised donor confidence and accelerated our efforts towards ending poverty.” Martin Fisher, CEO KickStart International 

KickStart and ckarma were featured in a Stanford Graduate School of Business case study in 2012. Read the study, Marketing to Hard to Reach Consumers.