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ckarma leads strategy and brand transformations that increase awareness and drive results. Cindy Kerr, founder, is a strategy & creative leader passionate about social enterprise and businesses for positive change.

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Strategic Planning

Thoughtful and effective strategy determines the path for successful brands. Is your marketing strategy driving results and reaching your target audience? Is your product or service known, seen and heard above the fray of information overload? Do you have a marketing strategy in place that plays a key role in your business strategy?

Brands that Stand Out

A picture is worth a thousand words.  Powerful images, videos and meaningful content create a brand that is memorable. ckarma develops strategies targeted to each of your audiences and content that engages customers and prospects.


From day one we begin with the end in mind. With clear objectives, strategies and goals, we develop project plans and work with you to test, implement and drive for the results you need to achieve. Together we make decisions and do what it takes to deliver on and often exceed expectations.

 Stand Out and Be Known

let ckarma guide you to marketing that drives positive results for people, profit and planet.
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